Satellite Services

If you require Freesat, Sky or foreign satellite channels, we can install dishes to receive signal from a wide range of countries.


BBC/ITV Freesat can be received from a small and discretely located 45cm dish. If your location prevents good terrestrial reception then Freesat may be the answer for you, especially as most TVs have both Freeview and Freesat built in.


There are hundreds of foreign channels that can be received using a cheap “Free to Air” receiver and 60cm dish. Whether it is to improve on language skills, keep up with home news or receive free sports channels KU Vision can install a suitable system for you.

More than one

Up to four different satellites can be received on one dish. This can be a mixture of English programs and foreign programs or just foreign satellites. Receiving several satellites on a single fixed dish is more discrete than separate dishes and cheaper than a motorized satellite system. It is also quicker to operate, as you do not have to wait for the dish to reposition every time you change channels.


Although the dish must face the satellite there are options to keep it discreet. Hidden behind walls or chimneys. Placed in the garden or on an adjacent building (particularly popular for listed buildings). Flat roof mounts. It is important that a survey is taken to ensure the satellites you require can be received and that the dish and cables can be installed to your specification. In most cases we can perform a survey free of charge.