Freeview Services

The top 100 programmes of the last year could be watched, subscription free on Freeview. Why pay for TV you dont watch ?

There are a number of options to receive the Freeview digital TV services, with no need to replace your current television set. Currently, the most common choice to receive digital signals is to have a digital TV aerial installation at your property, along with a digital television or Freeview set top box. If you do want to update your television set, you could also purchase a television with an inbuilt digital freeview receiver, and even in HD!

Will I need a new Aerial?

You may have an old style aerial or your digital TV aerial may not be receiving all of the basic Freeview channels, all of the time. If you feel you are not getting the full Freeview service, your system will need updating.

If you would like a Ku Vision engineer to visit you and advise on how best to receive Freeview, send us a message and we will be happy to help.

Is Freeview available in my area?

There are many people out there who should be getting good Freeview reception but aren't, simply because the installation has not been done correctly.

There is a huge variation in signal reception within the areas that Ku Vision serve and the trick is knowing what is required at your location to get the best reception, which is the best type of aerial to use, where best to position the aerial & which is the best transmitter to aim for, it all makes a difference.

Assured quality & satisfaction

If you’re not great with technology, don’t let that put you off transforming your TV viewing experience. As a professional and friendly company, we can install your new box and ensure that you’re getting perfect reception with no fuss or hassle. All of Ku Vision's services and parts are covered under warranty.

Once one of our qualified installers has visited you to survey your set up they will;

  • Decide which is the best type of digital TV aerial to use for your location and any existing equipment.
  • Position the digital TV aerial for you so that it is receiving from the best transmitter available.
  • Ensure the best possible service by using quality materials that will last.


Freesat offers twice as many TV channels and superior picture quality. What's more, you can receive Freesat in certain areas where Freeview cannot yet reach.

All you need is a Freesat receiver & a correctly aligned satellite dish. Whatever your setup Ku Vision can help.

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