Freesat Services

If you require Freesat, Sky or foreign satellite channels, we can install dishes to receive signal from a wide range of countries.

Tired of Intermittent TV signal (blocking)? Want HD, but no monthly bill?

All the best channels (150 of them)
Record all the best telly
Absolutely subscription free, no monthly bills

Are you ready for Freesat in your home?

With our experience and expertise, we can explain what type of installation service you need. We’ll then quickly and efficiently install your satellite dish and Freesat box for a really great price. We can visit your home to provide information and free quotes and we guarantee that there are no hidden catches or extras.

Do you want Freesat in multiple rooms?

No problem. Ku Vision can install multiple boxes from a single dish, meaning you can have Freesat throughout your home. You'll need a separate Freesat box for each room. Just tell the your Ku Vision installer which rooms you want Freesat in and they'll handle the rest.


Do you need an extra satellite cable?

If you're looking to upgrade your Freesat HD box to a Freesat+ box, you may need an extra cable running from your dish. Likewise, you'll need new cables for each Freesat box or TV you add.

Which box is right for me?

If you want to record or have other trick facilities you may need a receiver. Twin tuner? HD? Ability to go online for iPlayer, internet etc? Some receivers are more reliable and easier to operate than others. We can advise, supply and install most makes of receiver and then show you how to operate it.